That question is almost inevitable while one writes about polygraphs. While some claimed that a certain percentage of those who failed the lie detection test actually confessed to those crimes subsequently, statistics have shown that their use can be relied on. Lie detectors have proved to be about 80 to 99% effective according to recent studies. Owing to the consistency in the results, they have proved to be reliable and that can be validated. Since they are based on the fact that the stress levels in an individual escalate when they are giving lies, critics argue that one may be coached on how to overcome these stress levels. But let’s face it; you cannot control your brain activity in such moments, can you? That’s just human nature! Just like one doctor cannot look at the x-ray and see a problem, while a more experienced one will see, so it goes for polygraph charts. So, next time you come across this question, ‘are lie detectors telling the truth?’ be sure to give a yes for it. It is true that even an innocent person will get stressed when they are questioned, but a lie detector operator has techniques to overcome this problem.

All in all, lying is just but a part of human nature. Whether for good or wrong reasons, we get ourselves lying in one circumstance or the other. Sometimes the consequences are not so pleasing. But how would you tell that someone is not telling the truth? Apparently, humans are such poor detectors of lying! With adequate study and research, the lie detectors have come into our dear lives, maybe at the most opportune time. Having suspicions on your partner? Here it is to give you those so much needed honest answers. Having trouble with your teenager? Get the truth out of them. Use of polygraph tests proves to be the most accurate way to get that evidence from the suspects. However, a small percentage of people have been known to beat the lie detector tests. Some well coached persons have gone ahead to prove they can suppress their physiological reactions even under intense stress. With new technologies and innovations in place, the lie detection is having a revolution to curb all these challenges facing it. Lie detection tests still remain the best way to catch a liar.