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We guarantee the highest service quality thanks to a very strict selection of examiners

polygraph_test_-_limestone_technologies_incLie detection services across the whole of the USA. Our services cover the whole of United States and we guarantee the highest service quality thanks to a very strict selection of examiners and a constant, periodic control procedure of all examiners we work with. Please find your lie detector test services around the country.

Lie Detector Test USA is specializing in professional lie detection tests. With our up-to-date equipment used by our experienced and licensed examiners will deliver you the most accurate results available. We are able to deliver our services to any place in US. We have possibilities of offering you a variety of examinations, both commercial as well as personal. Our tests consist of
pre-employment screening, relationship issues (including infidelity tests), CV and experience verification, internal company investigations, false claim examinations and many many more. Our professionals will carry out the tests you need and present you with professional and precise information and evidence.

Lie Detector Test across the whole of the USA

Lying. So simple yet not so easy to detect. If you thought you can spot a liar by a mere gaze, then think again! Who told you whenever a person looks directly into your eyes, they will give you an honest answer? Think about that time you had to lie about your school grades, not even a lie detector could be certain that you were telling a lie. New research shows that even the most untruthful liars will look straight into your eyes, be fully relaxed and give confident answers; that are definitely a lie! All in all, people are poor lie detectors.

Several lie detection tests have come up over the time. There are clues that humans will tend to give naturally when they are telling a lie. The most common of these is the increased breathing rate, an increase in the heart beat, or even sweating more when they lie among other hidden signs. Based on these, lie detectors, or better known as polygraphs, have been developed. These are capable of indicating if someone is telling a lie or not. Their prices are however varied due to the fact that different companies are involved and the accuracy desired in any lie detection test.
Ever used a lie detector? Or better yet, has someone used one on you? How did it feel? With no experience, it is definitely a scary thing. With each coming day, their use is becoming more eminent.

But why use a lie detector? Suspicions arising from a couple of reasons can drive an individual into using a lie detector. These reasons may range from criminal investigations, infidelity among spouses or even control of child’s behavior. Why would spouses call on a private investigator just to know the whereabouts of their partners? Well, its 21st century. Trust does not come up so easily! Statistics has shown that these days’ private investigators employ the use of polygraphs to solve difficult cases, such as those involving teenage behavioral problems, adultery in marriage among many more. In my location, a television show by the name ‘Truth show’ runs where one is asked personal, sometimes private questions in front of their spouses. I must admit some are quite embarrassing. Using a lie detector, the level of truth in the answers is determined. The most honest couples walk away with a prize. Quite a show. Never miss it!

Lie detection tests have found profound application in criminal investigations by many bureaus. It is perhaps the best tool there is in establishing if one is giving an honest respond or not. The questioning technique may vary. Mostly used lie detection test format in response to criminal incidences investigations is the control question test. These compare responses to relevant questions. Control questions concern misdeeds that relate to what is been investigated and are usually broader in scope.

Another alternative polygraph procedure is the guilty knowledge test. Here, a multiple-choice test is given, owing to the fact that only the guilty suspect could know. If only the guilty suspect knows the correct answer, larger physiological reaction to the correct answer would indicate deception. However, the use of lie detectors should not be a substitute to the standard investigative procedures. Their use has particularly proven useful in the verification of the statement of victims, establishment of credibility of witnesses or even aid in the exoneration of the innocent who are surrounded by circumstantial evidence. As a matter of fact, it has substituted the previous methods of extracting truth from suspects which involved the use of dubious means such as threats, promises or even torture. Evidence collected using such means would likely be rejected later. Use of lie detection tests for criminal investigations has been applied in over fifty countries. It has also been used in the fields of correction as well as intelligence. It has proven to be an effective investigative tool, especially in the absence of any other corroborative evidence.